My Inspirations


I’m a sci-fi, fantasy, horror kind of guy. I’ve been reading Marvel and DC since the early 1990’s. Comics were the best way to get a break from the floating circus in my head.

X-Men and Marvel’s GI Joe are the books I cut my teeth on. I still read multiple X-titles and IDW’s version of GI Joe. Other favorites of mine include Aquaman, Green Arrow, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deadpool, and anything with a bat on it. (Who doesn’t love Batman?)

The writers and artists on the various titles I’ve read and the ones I currently read  have provided me a great service.  Comics helped me keep my mind creative and moving in a positive direction even when it wanted to head the other way.

Stephen King

I wouldn’t have even thought about being a writer if not for Stephen King. King’s Carrie was the first book I read that wasn’t assigned in English class or a comic book. I fell in love with it and never looked back.

I took an instant liking to King’s style. I’ll admit I’m a slow reader.  It takes me awhile to get through a book because my mind wanders and I have to reread things.  King usually can keep my mind wrangled and in its pen.  My favorites include Misery, Salem’s Lot, the Shining and Dr. Sleep.

Christopher Rice

Christopher Rice is the only author I’ve ever read that has ticked the boxes in every major genre and done so expertly. The Vines (Horror), The Flame (Erotic Romance & my first ever) and Light Before Day (Crime/Mystery) are fantastic.

There is something about Rice’s style that inspires me.  Getting into his work has definitely rekindled my love of writing.

Josh Sabarra

Josh Sabarra’s book Porn Again affected me like no other book I’ve ever read.  This is Josh’s personal memoir and it hit a lot of personal notes for me.  I had to add him  to the list because not only has he inspired me to keep going but his influence is the kind that will last.  I will be eternally grateful for his honesty and courage.  He’s also a very kind and generous man who listened to a very sad and confused guy ramble on about his problems.   And no matter where I end up in life, he’ll have a permanent and special place in my heart.


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