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Fake News with Lois Lane by PJ Carambia

“So, you’re sure about this?”
“Jimmy, seriously, this guy doesn’t faze me in the least.” Lois Lane slid her finger across her Q-Pad, reading her notes as the duo waited on the President.
“Oh, no, I get that. I mean are you gonna be able to keep your cool.”
“When have I ever lost my cool?”
“Ha.” Lois glared at the young man with braying laugh.
“Sorry?” Jimmy held his hands up in submission, camera dangling around his neck. Jimmy knew if Lois possessed his pal, Superman’s heat vision, he’d be a goner.
“Anyway, I’ve interviewed Lex a million times; how much different could this be?”
“Well first, Lex Luthor’s a genius, this guy, not so much.” Jimmy ran his hand through his short red hair. “I have a bad feeling he’s going to regret requesting this interview and we’re all gonna hear about.”
“Can’t live in fear, Jimmy.” Lois tapped the young photographer’s cheek. “Especially of guys like this.” Continue reading

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No Do-Overs

No way of getting a bullet back in a gun once the trigger’s pulled. Ben knew that. The bang and flash were final; no do-overs.
Kyle stepped back and crumpled to the tile like an old blanket. Ben’s brother died on the sticky, filth-caked floor of a gas station. Ben held him until the police arrived, watching his blood mix with the soupy mess of tracked-in mud and melting snow. Continue reading

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