Welcome to Trumpland

Attention Women of the United States of America:  Do you like being barefoot and pregnant? Do you think the kitchen is the place for you?  Do you feel if you must have a job your work’s not worth the same as the man next to you doing the exact same job?  Do you like nasty old men grabbing your genitals and then having those same nasty old men making decisions on your reproductive health?  Are you tired of all this election crap and are happy this might be the last year you get to vote? 

Well I have good news for you; you’re now entering Trumpland, the dumbest place on earth.  In Trumpland they know where women belong.  You’ll enjoy such activities as ironing, washing dishes, vacuuming, and all the child rearing you could ever hope for.  In Trumpland women needn’t burden themselves with higher learning as a matter of fact the men of Trumpland discourage their women from being too smart.  If you don’t believe me ask the women that already lived in Trumpland before everyone else was forced in.  Who needs careers and books when there’s so much cooking to be done? 

No ma’am in Trumpland you have no worries outside of making your man happy and doing what he tells you, speaking when you’re spoking to, and rolling over when he wants a little.  How proud you must be knowing your daughters are going to be growing up for the next four years in a place like Trumpland, not to mention the examples being set for your sons.  Why it’s so exciting you may just want to grab yourself by the p*ssy to make sure you’re not dreaming?  But be careful, you know that belongs to your man.   

So, I hope you enjoy your stay in Trumpland and don’t forget to thank a Trump supporter today for making all your womanly dreams come true. 


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