Monster Mash-up Poem


Michael Myers used a knife.

As Jack Torrance tried to kill his wife.

Norman Bates loved his mother.

The fisherman knew what you did last summer.

Pinhead brought the pain.

While Jigsaw made you play a game.

Chucky & Tiffany were dolls from Hell.

But they’re not as bad as Annabelle.

Freddy stalked you in a dream

Ghostface wanted to hear you scream.

A demon made Regan’s head spin

Buffalo Bill put lotion on its skin.

Vengeful spirits came with The Fog

Cujo was a killer dog.

Annie Wilkes was an obsessed nurse

Being the B in a Centipede was the worst.

Hannibal Lecter was an accomplished cook

Winifred Sanderson wanted her book

John Doe put Tracy’s head in a box.

Frankenstein created a life with electric shocks.

Pennywise will make you float.

For that shark we’ll need a bigger boat.

Aliens burst or hug your face.

Predators disappear without a trace.

The Creature lives in a black lagoon

The Wolf Man howls at the moon

Outer space has Killer Klowns.

While Poltergeist make spooky sounds

The Mummy’s leg is such a drag

Jason swings you in a sleeping bag

There’s a haunted house in Amityville

There’s also one upon a hill

Godzilla just destroyed Japan

Don’t say his name, it’s the Candy Man

Dr. Jekyll became Mr. Hyde

Dracula will drink you dry

The Creepers truck has a loud horn

Beware those Children of the corn

Audrey Two could swallow you whole

Damian was born with an evil soul.

Carrie decided her schoolmates should roast

But Beetlejuice was the ghost with the most.

Leatherface treated you like Texas cattle

The Headless Horseman road high in the saddle.

Gremlins, Ghoulies, and Living Dead of all kind.

Like Brad and Janet, you’re in a tight bind.

These creeps are demented and seriously sick

Do like Ash says, carry a mighty boomstick. 



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