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Monster Mash-up Poem


Michael Myers used a knife.

As Jack Torrance tried to kill his wife.

Norman Bates loved his mother.

The fisherman knew what you did last summer.

Pinhead brought the pain.

While Jigsaw made you play a game.

Chucky & Tiffany were dolls from Hell. Continue reading


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Impromptu Essay on Halloween

I call this an impromptu essay because I had no intention of even writing an essay this morning but this one could not be ignored. 

I just read an article about a Christian Creationist group who is Anti-Halloween.  They would have us give trick-or-treaters fake money with messages explaining all the sins they’re committing and how they’re going to burn in hell.  (BTW you can buy your Anti-Halloween kits and fake money from this group directly.  So, yeah, there’s nothing in it for them.) Continue reading

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