My Thoughts on the First Debate


This Monday was my first time watching a presidential debate.  Politics has, over the years, been a topic that literally turned my stomach and made me anxious.  It still does but I believe this year’s election is a tipping point for our country.  We’ve come a long way and despite what some would have you believe the country has made several strides forward.

For more information on this go to this link:  You’ll see that the positives do out weight the negatives.

The problem here is simple, what the public is told by the media is significantly skewed in the negative.    I try my best to look at as many sources from different publications as I can, from different perspectives before I make a decision.  I’m sure there are no news outlets that are 100% down the middle and I think we always have to remember that when we’re being fed information. 

That being said even though I support Clinton, I went into the debate open minded.  Despite not being a Trump supporter, I was hoping to see some sense of how things would be if he won. I think Trump supporters should have done it the same way with Clinton.  Remember the winner represents us all whether we like it or not. 

In my opinion, Trump failed miserably in his attempt to win over voters.  Now I know there are Trump fans who are already arguing and coming up with excuses but there is no excuse for his poor performance other than him being woefully unprepared. 

Some are blaming Lester Holt. The night of the debate Trump praised Holt for doing a “great job” and being “very fair”, which was walked back to an “okay job” and as of today, has been reduced to accusing Holt of being “very unfair” and “biased”. 

The simple fact is Trump blew it big time and they’re trying to pin it on Holt.  Holt did an okay job but with Trump, he quickly became the ringmaster of an off-the-rails psycho circus.  Holt is being accused of fact checking Trump too much.  If a moderator has to fact check you “too much” you are lying too much.  Holt is getting tagged as pro-Clinton because he called Trump on his BS.

Trump and Clinton were given the same questions.  Clinton’s answers were calm and concise and proved she has a plan.  Trump repeated himself over and over again without ever actually answering the questions.  I have never in my life heard someone talk so much yet say so little. 

Here’s a simple, by the numbers breakdown of the debate:

Hillary Clinton

Time speaking: 41 minutes, 21 seconds

Words spoken: 6,267

Questions asked: 15

Questions dodged: 0

Interruptions by opponent: 39

Fact-checks by moderator: 0

Assertions that opponent was untruthful: 12

Donald J. Trump

Time speaking: 44 minutes, 23 seconds

Words spoken: 8,401

Questions asked: 16

Questions dodged: 8

Interruptions by opponent: 8

Fact-checks by moderator: 6

Assertions that opponent was untruthful: 24

These numbers prove, at the very least that Trump is extremely rude.  They also reveal he dodged half of the questions asked to him.  I actually laughed out loud when he said he had a better temperament than Clinton.  He was proving that by being defensive, loud and basically acting like a petulant four-year-old.

And again he offered no solid plan of action going forward. Whether you like it or not, we know where Clinton stands on pretty much all the topics asked of both candidates.  All we got out of Trump was more bluster and no substance.  Trump has proven to be the equivalent of gassy constipation.

The things we did learn about Trump is he doesn’t pay taxes and that makes him smart, he’s opportunistic seeing as how he advertised his new hotel during the debate, he’s petty because he still can’t get over a decades long feud with Rosie O’Donnell (who by the way if you watch the View clip that started that whole thing, O’Donnell didn’t say one thing that wasn’t true), and despite having a better temperament than his opponent couldn’t keep his cool for less than an hour but could lie 58 times.

What we don’t know is how he plans on bringing jobs back to the US, how he plans on dealing with crime other than using unconstitutional and ineffective means like “stop and frisk”, how he plans to deal with terrorism (shh…it’s a secret), honestly we don’t know any concrete information about his policies other than he wants to give tax cuts to the rich.  We know this for a fact because he feels that trickle-down economics works which it doesn’t.  His cuts will end up costing the US more in the long run.  Don’t worry though he and his rich buddies will be fine. 

You can say what you want about Clinton but she has released her tax returns and they showed that she paid her fair share of taxes.  We don’t know what’s on his taxes but again he admitted on Monday how very little he has paid given how smart he is. 

And today I’m hearing some touting his victory in Monday’s debate and I have to wonder what the heck they were watching.  Even the people in his basket knew he blew it.  It’s ridiculous to think otherwise and the more people buy into what he’s selling the sillier they look.  Problem is they’re not the only ones who will suffer if this orange nightmare makes it to the White House. 

Now I need to address Hillary Clinton.  Again I want to be fair as I can be despite my extreme distaste for Trump.  The only problem here is that Clinton answered all of her questions at the debate, she answered Holt’s questions, she answered Trump’s questions, she put up with the overflow of bile being spewed on her right, and she stayed calm.

People are quick to jump on Holt for not asking her more questions but Trump himself was doing that right along steady. Again he interrupted her 39 times.  When did Holt have the time to grill her?  Maybe if Trump could have stayed calm and focused it would’ve been different.  So if Holt failed at anything it wasn’t that he was unfair to Trump (even though Trump said he wasn’t) it was that Holt didn’t press him harder to shut up.  To Holt’s credit he let them go, he let the debate and we know what happened from there.

So let’s move on to the albatross around Clinton’s neck, that being SCANDAL.  Big letters because they’re so scandalous.  Benghazi, Emails, Bill’s infidelities (although I still don’t understand why people hate her for this.  A lot of Trump followers are “good Christians” and I’m pretty sure if you divorced back in the day you got stoned to death.  So isn’t that a plus for her.) All of those things are just like Trump, much ado about nothing. 

I’m not taking away from what happened in Benghazi but I am saying it needs to be put to bed.  One person in this country, despite what Trump thinks, doesn’t make all the decisions.  It’s like him constantly blaming things on Obama and Clinton, like they are the only two people in Washington wringing their hands together like Boris and Natasha out to get Moose and Squirrel.  

I hear a lot of times if you’re name is Clinton you get away with anything.  Has it ever once occurred to any of her rabid detractors that she hasn’t gotten caught doing anything because she hasn’t done anything to get caught at.  She’s made mistakes.  I dare anyone to take a position like she has over the years and not make a mistake. 

So there is a big difference between Trump and Clinton.  That’s their mistakes and scandals. Trump has a laundry list of bad dealings, criminal lawsuits, and a history for settling things with money which to him means “he admitted no guilt”.  Paying someone off is the very definition of guilt. 

Clinton has missing emails that aren’t even a fraction of the emails lost by the Bush administration.  And she has history of non-transparency and not smiling enough.  Which translates to she’s guilty of being a woman.  Any woman that has been bombarded over the years by people poking and prodding would be a little guarded, I know I would be.  When every word you say or action you take are picked apart, thrown around, and used against you most of the time out of context you’d be a little paranoid too.  And the smiling thing, no man has ever been criticized for not smiling enough; end of discussion.  A man doesn’t smile he’s serious; if a woman doesn’t smile she’s frigid.  Makes about as much sense as anything Trump has to say. 

So I tried my best to see both sides of this.  I’ve found that I can’t get my head far enough up my own ass to think like a Trump supporter.   I guess I can’t hate as much as they do.  I can’t look at people and see their skin color first like they do.  I couldn’t care less what your religion is, who you choose to have sex with or who you want to marry.  I can’t believe in banning people, whole groups of living breathing humans that need our help just because of where they came from.  I can’t believe that women are inferior and don’t deserve the same things as men. (By the way who the hell raised those men?)

But I do find it horrifying and saddening that so many people still feel like that.  That so many people got behind Trump even as he declared our need for walls and the banning of people. Or when he says he doesn’t want to help our allies, yet praises a whacko like Putin.  I can’t understand people that can listen to him and not realize how disgusting his words and actions are and how they’re being dragged into that gutter right along with him.  Because believe it or not, whether you like it or not, people are going to remember who sided with him, and people are going to know that those people have a lot of anger, fear and hate inside them.

People want change on both sides.  I think Clinton will try to bring change, changes for the better.  I think all Trump has to offer is hot air and hate. Make no mistake he doesn’t care about anything but himself.  He wants to win no matter what it takes to get there.  It doesn’t even matter he has no idea what he’s doing or how deep he’s in.  He wants that W and he enlisted the very worst this country has to offer.  And you may think to yourself, I’m not like that but if you’re voting for Trump you either are like that or you’re perfectly willing to let those kinds of people run wild. 

Grow up and get your heads out of your asses, your noses out of your bibles and your eyes on the orange beast in the hen house.


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