An Essay on Security


I really am fed up with the Hillary Clinton E-Mail scandal.  This is not a Hillary Clinton thing or necessarily politically motivated, it’s a common sense thing.

We live in a world with another reality sitting on top of it.  That might sound like alternate reality sci-fi but what I mean is that we have the real world and we have cyber space.  Every day, no matter how low tech you like to keep things, we’re all exposed and vulnerable by entering this cyber space.

Everyone has their passwords and PIN numbers but they really don’t mean much.  It’s really a money game in the sense that internet companies try to sell us on security.  Anti-virus and Anti-adware programs make companies a lot of money and none of them are fool proof.  We pay for them, we don’t want people in our bank accounts and personal mail.  However, when push comes to shove, hackers will get into whatever they want whenever they want.  Tech gets invented to stop them and then the tech gets cracked and you’re back to buying more security.

Now as for the E-mail scandal, no matter how you feel about this scandal we can all agree it was ill-advised to use a private E-mail for business.  My take on it is a little different though.  I believe it was ill-advised only because if Clinton would’ve used the State Department Server we wouldn’t still be having this conversation.

The irony here is that the State Department Server’s, you know the safe ones Clinton was supposed to be using, have been besieged by hackers over the years.  That’s a fact you can look up.  The State Department has had to shut their servers down for short periods of time to combat these sieges. 

My point here is that I don’t care what method you choose to enter the mysterious world of the internet you are at risk.  There is no fool-proof, safe way to navigate around cyber space without opening yourself up to prying eyes.

This is where it reaches, at least for me, a whole new level of irony.  Those out there so adamant about having the government investigate Clinton’s E-mails are the same people that would hit you in the face with the Constitution if you asked them to turn over theirs.  They’re the ones afraid of wire-taps and spout off about freedom of privacy.

They’ll say it’s different because Clinton held a government job and was doing government work.  And it is and that’s why she handed them over.  But again, put in the same position, some would kick and scream all the way to court before allowing the government to invade their precious privacy.

Only thing is, privacy, like security, is a great and wondrous illusion.  They don’t actually exist in any meaningful way.  Our privacy and security can be snatched away at any second.  They’re like reflections in a pond, drop a rock and it all disappears.  We want them to exist, we want to feel safe, we want these so bad we’re willing to pretend our lives can’t be opened like a book at any second on the whim of some troll sitting in his basement.

Some say money is the root of all evil, I like to say it’s greed more than actual money.  People want money, they want information, they want power, they want to be better than others, they want to prove points.  Some people will earn these things, some will just take them.  Those determined enough to just take what they want will do so no matter what imaginary shields of privacy and security we’ve erected.

So more specifically than this particular scandal, I’m fed up with people thinking information is any safer in one place over another.  Especially because a lot of those who would condemn Clinton for her actions are the last people who would willingly trust our federal government with their E-mails and private information.  These are the people who think the government shouldn’t be too involved unless, of course, it suits their needs. 


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