My Thoughts on Romance

Over on Facebook, author Christopher Rice is celebrating the release of his new 1001 Dark Nights novella, Kiss the Flame.  He asked his followers for their thoughts on Romance.  I didn’t want to clutter up his comment section with this so I wrote it here for the few people that take a look at this blog thingy of mine.

Some would say I have no business talking about romance, because I’m not very experienced in such matters.  They would be right, but I’m going to do it anyway.

Romance in a nutshell is doing things for the one you love whether you like it or not.  Now I’m not talking about murder here, more like watching a movie you don’t necessarily want to see.  You do it because they like it and the movie doesn’t matter.  Time is what matters and appreciating that time together.

When someone you love is sick, you make them soup. Not canned soup either.  You spend that time cutting vegetables and handling chicken even if touching chicken really grosses you out.

When someone you love is sad, you do everything you can to cheer them up.  Tell them bad jokes, read to them, sing to them; the activity doesn’t matter, it’s the effort.  And if there is no cheering them up, be patient with them, cry along with them and let them know you’ll still be there when they’re happy again.  They should know because you didn’t abandon them when things were hard.

And when you’ve weathered the storms of sadness, and your love is happy again, you do everything in your power to keep them that way.  You make sure they only feel alone when they want it that way, but never be too far away when they change their mind.  When they’re away always keep them on your mind.

These are the reason I’ve never understood why people cheat.  One person is all you should ever need, because if they don’t occupy your life and mind then they’re clearly not the one you’re meant to be with.  This brings me to my final point.  Do your very best to keep them safe.  Don’t hurt them and don’t let them get hurt.  And if that’s not a task you’re up for let them move on.

So I know this is just a dreamers sense of romance and relationships, but people like to say this stuff is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. You live for the one you love and if you can’t you’re not holding up your end of the deal.  And that’s not fair to anyone.

The other part of Mr. Rice’ s question was what’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone.  The most romantic thing I’ve ever done is actually not being romantic. I believe romance depends on both people accepting the other, and I know I’m an awful lot to handle.  I could never say I loved someone and knowingly subject them to the mess that is me.  Sad but true.

Anyway, Kiss the Flame is out today from Christopher Rice.  He’s one of my favorites and I recommend anything he’s written.  If you buy his books using the links at it helps out his online radio show with Eric Shaw Quinn, who also just released a book, Write Murder and you can get that there too.


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