The House on Cottonwood Lane: Elm Street Meets 50 Shades (Rated R)


      Cottonwood Lane was a ritzy neighborhood to be sure. Sarah felt out of place as soon as she turned the corner where Cottonwood met Elm.

She had to remember she was a professional; just because these people’s cars cost more than her entire apartment building didn’t mean she was unworthy. Still she felt she was sullying the area just driving her tiny, Toyota pickup down the mighty Cottonwood. She was sure the only pickups that came this way were loaded with yard equipment.

Sarah worked for Englund Real Estate Agency, but this wasn’t her case. Jackson Whitlock was the original agent assigned to the Weston house. Unfortunately, Jackson had caught a severe case of the husband-came-home-early-itis; a disease that left him in traction.
Jackson was a good agent but also a complete dumbass. His personal motto was “I’ll sell your house and fuck your wife, not necessarily in that order,” Badum-ching.

Sarah looked at the numbers on the houses. She thought calling them houses was like calling the Titanic, just a boat with a tiny leak. The Weston house was 603 Cottonwood Lane. She looked at the clock on the dashboard.
She was now around 15 minutes late to meet Dr. Reginald Weston. Sarah hated being late, but she felt downright criminal holding Dr. Weston up. He was one of those men where time really was money.
Sarah pulled her truck into the long driveway of 603. She grabbed her messenger bag off the seat and notice she was now officially 23 minutes late. She got out of the car and checked her hair in the driver side mirror. She stood up to her full height and did her best to smooth out any wrinkles mussing up her pants suit. Sarah hated pants suits, but she thought it made her look more professional; plus with her knobby knees she hated skirts even more.
The Weston house was a marvel of modern architecture. It was a hulking, yet elegant mix of glass and steel. It had no arches at all, just basic right angles.
Sarah stood by her truck taking it all in. The sun glinted off a steel handrail on a second floor balcony. She got a chill, something about that glimmer, that simple reflection of light gave her pause; it was like the sparkling smile of a crocodile.
Don’t be an idiot, she told herself, it’s not a crocodile it’s a damn house. The only thing scary about it was its price. Now stop gawking and get your ass up to the door.
Sarah rang the doorbell. She could hear a faint gong on the other side. She wondered if Dr. Weston had a butler or maid. She knew him to be a widower, so she didn’t expect a wife. Perhaps the doctor just answered his own door.
Or maybe no one was going to answer. She knew she was late but had the doctor left when she wasn’t there exactly at two o’clock. He was a doctor, she thought, probably on call at Spacey General. She didn’t know exactly what sort of doctor Dr. Weston was but she assumed that’s where he would work being the closest hospital.
Sarah took out her cell phone. She hadn’t received any messages. No one at the office had anything to say about Dr. Weston, so she decided to give the bell another try. When Sarah reached for the button she saw the door knob jiggle and heard the slide of a dead bolt.
The door slowly creaked open and Sarah almost laughed thinking about a movie she loved. She waited for the bald head, and gaunt face of Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show to appear and greet her with a nasalized “Hello”.
That’s not what she got though; not by a long shot. She got a chiseled face and full head of black curls. Sarah knew this couldn’t be the 68 year old doctor she was supposed to be meeting. If he was she wanted to know his secret.
The man that stood before her was an absolute beauty. His ocean-blue eyes glimmered like the balcony railing. He had well maintained black eyebrows and long lashes. His teeth had to be the product of teenage braces. She felt herself blush as she thought of the man before her wearing a retainer and little else.
“Can I help you,” the man asked. His voice was as smooth as marble on a museum floor.
“Excuse me?”
“I’m sorry.” Pull yourself together she thought; remember to be professional. “I’m Sarah Thompson from the Englund Real Estate Agency. Are you Dr. Weston?” She knew he wasn’t but didn’t know what else to say. She put her hand out.
He accepted it with a strong, well manicured hand. Sarah had never shaken a hand with such smooth skin; it was like he was wearing a velvet glove.
“No, I’m not Dr. Weston,” he said. The man still didn’t offer his name. “I’m not really sure why you’re here. I concluded business with Dr. Weston about a week ago.”
“What?” Sarah hoped that didn’t sound as shrill out loud as it did in her head.
“Yes, this beautiful hunk of metal is all mine.”
“Beautiful hunk,” Sarah repeated and then slapped her forehead lightly. “I’m so sorry.”
He smiled and Sarah melted.
“Don’t apologize, you’re fine.”
“So are you,” she said, “Jesus.” She clamped her hand over her mouth.
The man laughed and it was music to her ears, literally. Sarah would swear on her dear old granny’s bad heart his voice possessed a vague lyrical tone. It made Sarah feel warm inside.
“Well you came all the way out here, can I interest you in some iced tea or coffee?”
“Yes, of course, thank you.” Sarah couldn’t believe she said yes. She didn’t even know this guy’s name. This was not like her but he wasn’t like anyone she had ever met before. It wasn’t as simple as his outward beauty, something smoldered underneath the man’s skin and the thought of unwrapping that mystery was too tempting.
He stepped aside opening the door wider to allow her entry.
“I’m sorry for the confusion that brought you up here. I have no idea why your agency wasn’t aware that this was a done deal here.”
Sarah had an idea. Things could slip through the cracks when the original agent was more concerned with bedding married women as if he were collecting Pokemon cards. Gotta catch’em all, right, Jackson?
“These things happen.” Although Sarah couldn’t think of one other time something like this happened. Sarah followed the man down a long hall. The hall was dimly lit with sconces every so many feet on highly polished wood walls, giving it a warm, rustic feel. It was so unlike the outside of the building. They walked on a plush runner that didn’t quite cover the hall wall-to-wall. It was cranberry red with dark, stained hard wood flooring peeking out on either side of its edges.
“Wow, this place is a lot different than I would’ve imagined.”
“I’ve made some changes. It all seemed a little too sterile.”
“It has a cozy feel,” Sarah said. “Um… I don’t mean to be rude, but I never actually caught your name, Mr…”
“Lucas,” the man said.
“Mr. Lucas,” Sarah said.
“No, just Lucas, or Luke what ever you like.” He glanced back at her and shot her a sly grin. “I’m cool with either.”
“Oh, okay, Luke.” She always loved that name. It reminded her off character from General Hospital, a soap opera she had watched for years after her grandmother got her addicted.
Sarah noticed he didn’t offer up a last name but she wasn’t going to push; she was a guest and Luke seemed so sweet.
Luke hung a right and Sarah followed him into a kitchen. The floor was black tile, the counters were slate gray marble, and the appliances, stainless steel. The kitchen was more like the outside of the house.
“Haven’t got around to fixing this up yet, I’m putting in a potbelly stove over there,” Luke pointed to a spot occupied by an empty wine rack.
“Oh I love old potbelly stoves. My grandmother used to have one,” Sarah smiled thinking again of her beloved grandmother.
“I know,” Luke said, smiling along with her.
“What did you say?” She heard him but wanted some confirmation.
“I mean I know what you’re saying, I love those old things.”
That’s not how it sounded to Sarah. She got a momentary jolt of the creeps but the feeling faded quickly. She must’ve just misinterpreted him. Of course, he didn’t know her grandmother had a stove like that.
Luke went to his refrigerator and opened it up. It was practically empty, but for some take out containers, a six pack of Bud Light and a half gallon of skim milk. It reminded Sarah of her fridge at home.
“I need to hit the grocery store,” he turned to her and winked. That was odd, she thought, but yet it was sexy as hell. He was sexy as hell and she was beginning to think coming inside was a bad idea.
“Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not, depends,” Luke said scratching underneath his lower lip with his thumb nail.
“Exuse me,” Sara was confused.
“Coming,” he paused and stared Sarah square in the eyes. He finished with a hushed whisper, “inside.”
Sarah stood in the magnificent kitchen, mouth wide open like one of those cheesy singing bass trophies. She couldn’t speak, and Luke kept his eyes on her. It was like he snaked his way in to her mind right through her eyes. She could practically feel something poking around in her head, wrapping itself around her brain, squeezing.
She wanted to scream, or at least she should. She didn’t know if she would even if she could. Luke was doing something to her and while scary, it wasn’t altogether unpleasant.
“Let’s skip the tea, I have something to show you.”
Sarah knew this was the part where she should run for the door. She didn’t, she followed Luke. Luke strode in front of her like he had no doubt she’d follow along. Was it that confidence that drew her in?
Fuck no, she thought, he was controlling her. She was like a…
“Puppet?” Luke finished her thought with a question. “No, you’re no puppet. That wouldn’t be any fun. Although I can think of a few places I could stick my hand to get you moving.”
Sarah couldn’t believe how incredibly vulgar that was yet it seemed absolutely charming coming from his mouth.
“Oh, man, I’m not even touching that one.” Luke laughed again with that same singsong cadence as before. “You know where we’re going Sarah?”
“You’re sex dungeon.” Sarah hoped that sounded more like outrage than wishful thinking.
“Gees, you’ve been a reading a little too much mommy porn,” Luke stopped by a black door with a silver door knob. He licked his lips suggestively and opened the door.
It was no sex dungeon, it was just a bedroom. There was a simple king sized bed with a robust black comforter on top. She had to admit it looked comfy.
“I have a job I have to do, Sarah. Everyone does, don’t they?” Luke never stopped smiling and Sarah nodded. “I’m different from a lot of my brothers. If you had stumbled upon one of them this would have already ended very badly for you.
“Unlike my brothers, I don’t just come upon a sleeping maiden and do my thing. Again, no fun in that.”
Sarah could feel her chest tighten. “What are you? Why me?”
“None of that’s important really,” Luke said. He began unbuttoning his shirt, exposing the smooth, tan skin of his chest. He had a spattering of chest hair and a dark strip that descended from his belly button to the top of his pants and then disappeared to places still unknown to her.
“Those places won’t be unknown too much longer.” He spun her around and gently nudged her onto the bed. She still had some, but very little free will. She put her knees together tight and crossed her legs a the ankles. She rested her hands, one atop the other, on her left knee.
“Sarah, darling, don’t become standoffish now not just when the party’s getting interesting.”
Sarah turned her head away from his. His face was much too close for her comfort.
“Okay,” Luke lifted his hands up to his sides and huffed. “Fine, I’ll let you know a little more about me that should loosen you up. Wouldn’t want to have to get out the power tools to get those knees apart.”
Sarah tensed up.
“Seriously, relax, everything will be amazing,” Now even his words were musical like his laugh. It was hypnotic and Sarah figured that was the point. “Have you ever heard of an incubus?”
“A sex demon?” Sarah’s voice cracked her throat as try as parchment paper. The term made Luke smile.
“Oh, I promise I’ll be a demon in the sack but I don’t think that’s the best description for what I am.
“Technically you could say I’m a demon, yet I won’t be warded off by prayer and you can’t exorcise me. We Incubi are not frightened by the so-called holy. Some of them are the horniest fuckers you’d ever meet.
“I think of my position similar to that of a common vampire.”
“Common vampire?”
“They’re more common than you’d care to believe.” Luke paused to let her think about that. “Incubi are a much rarer breed. We have no desire for blood. We feed off energy but a very specific kind.
“We feed off that energy that can only be emitted through sexual passion. We take all that in from your first moan to your last orgasmic sigh.”
Orgasmic sigh? In spite of the situation she almost laughed. He was kind of full of himself. Sarah could honestly say no man had ever elicited that from her. Suitors weren’t rolling in like a herd of buffalo but she had had some experience. They mostly ended with the guy finishing up early and her finishing up by herself. She was okay with that though.
“Sarah, you are a beautiful woman even wrapped in this unflattering power suit. Which by the way looks like a cheap Hillary Clinton Halloween costume.”
“Aren’t you trying to seduce me to steal my sex force or whatever? Insulting my clothes is not the best way to do that.” Sarah was positive she had lost her mind. So what’s arguing with this figment of her diseased imagination going to hurt.
“That’s the thing, love. I don’t need to seduce you. I choose to do it this way. I’ve picked things from your head to put together the perfect man for you. Check me over see if you can’t match all of my best features to your fantasies.”
Sarah looked at Luke, a name she assumed he plucked from her mind as well. Through his open shirt she could see the chiseled physique. And when she really looked and thought about her ideal male torso she realize he had the tanned skin and thick chest of Kellan Lutz.
“Probably the only good thing to come out of those silly vampire movies.” Luke smiled.
Luke‘s ocean-blue eyes, brows and lashes belonged to Ian Somerhalder.
“Yes, you do seem to have a thing about guy’s who play vampires. Even this Brad Pitt mouth once went vamp for a paycheck.”
“Okay, Luke,” She fought the urge to say “it that is your real name”. “You need to stop answering me if I’m not talking aloud.”
Luke raised a hand in submission.
“For the record, even though this isn’t an ideal situation for you, I want you to know it is my pleasure having such a lovely women to whom I can conduct business with.”
That was a mood killer. Conduct business? What is she, an ATM machine; his dick a debit card? Slide it in. Would you like a receipt?
“I knew you’d be here today. I’ve been watching you for some time.
“Incubi get a scent for the one they want at night while you sleep we travel the paths of the dream world, weaving in and out and marking our territory. You were a much sought after acquisition.”
“Why, there’s nothing special about me.”
“You are so wrong. A person, male or female, that has never really felt the release and relief of a lover is a sweet gig for folks like me.
“Tonight you will feel that it will be earth shattering for you. And the power I syphon from that will be the greatest high ever experienced for me.”
Sarah thought luke should go into the real estate business; he could sell a life raft to a drowned man. Then Luke’s face took on a hard, stern look.
“Always, remember Sarah, I choose this way. And you’re lucky for that.” He leaned in and pressed his smooth lips against hers. His mouth tasted like spearmint. Sarah reached up and touched the side of his face. His cheek was warm and had just enough stubble to feel but not enough to make his face look dirty. Surprise, just the way she liked it.
That first kiss made her tingle but it also did something very strange. It made her drowsy. Wasn’t the handsome prince’s kiss supposed to wake her? She guessed Luke was no prince though.
“Don’t fight it,” Luke whispered. “My fluids teem with a substance not unlike GHB.”
Sarah gave him a lopsided, lazy smile. This guy literally had Ecstasy in his veins. She had never used Ecstasy so she really had nothing to compare it to. With every opened mouth kiss she slipped further and further into a dream. She was pushed into a euphoric state and all she could see or feel was Luke.
And the man or incubus, whatever he was, was all over her and knew just which buttons to press. She had to say for a sex demon he was gentle. He took his time unbuttoning her blouse, kissing every inch he exposed on the way down.
In moments she lay prone in front of him completely naked. Luke still had his pants on but now began undoing his belt.
“Need help,” she was able to slur out.
“Nope, I got it. You just concentrate on that feeling of absolute pleasure. That’s what does it for me.”
Of the four men Sarah had been with sexually, two of them were in, out and asleep kinda guys. The other two were one time things that were small disasters. One, her first, blew it and she meant that literally and figuratively. They were both fifteen and the foreplay was enough for him. The other guy couldn’t keep up his end of the relationship, also figuratively and literally. It was sad that what was happening with Luke was honestly the best experience she’d ever had. It took a sex demon to pay attention to her needs. She wondered if incubi were allowed to have girlfriends.
“ No we’re not.” he said. Sarah could feel his full weight on top of her. He had straddled her and she could feel the noticeable weight of his penis on her stomach. He leaned forward coming face to face with her. Luke swept in for another wet, opened mouth kiss. He didn’t take his mouth of her for a second as he crept down her body like she was a ladder. Luke paid attention to every wrung until he made it to his destination.
Luke used his tongue and fingers like a concert pianist hitting ever key just right. She moaned and he increased pressure accordingly. Normally she was so self-conscious she couldn’t enjoy oral sex but she was too far gone down the road with Luke to worry about anything but the job he was performing. Maybe it was his magic-drug spit but she didn’t care.
When he stopped he was back to her face in an instant, wetting her down with his mix of magic saliva and her own juices. Then he spent a few minutes worshiping her breast, sucking and tweaking both nipples, tracing her areolas with his tongue. When he was done her nipples throbbed and were as hard as Luke was. She felt that weight again and was almost desperate for him to show her what magic tricks it could do.
She didn’t have to wait long. Luke stood up and grabbed her legs pulling closer to the edge of the bed. Her ankles wrested on his solid chest muscles. It was time she thought. Luke had already done such a great job warming up the engine she didn’t thing he’d have to put in too much extra work from this point on. That’s when Sarah made the biggest mistake of her short life; she looked down.
Luke had grown and she didn’t mean just his dick. He was actually taller and thicker and his beautiful tanned skin was splitting and cracking. Under the fissures in his skin she could see what looked like red scales. It was as if his beauty was wrapped around the hide of snake or dragon.
“I’m sorry you had to see me like this Sarah,” Luke said. His voice had changed. It was deeper. “This parts important though, there’s nothing like tasting the combined power of a pure, joyous orgasm and unadulterated, maddening fear.”
Sarah couldn’t make her self scream, had to be the affects of Luke’s saliva. What she saw next took smashed her mind like a sledgehammer on a mirror. The human skin of Luke’s penis exploded revealing two scaly, red shafts each with an ebony head. He positioned her the way he needed her to perform a one monster double penetration show.
Luke was right though; the mix of fear and pleasure was exhilarating. Sarah couldn’t believe the way it made her feel as Demon Luke thrust into her. Each of his members worked at different speeds and finally it was over. She exploded with a body-shaking, mind-blowing orgasm. It wiped the fear of the demon clear out of her and then Luke came, releasing two shots that filled her to brimming and made her entire lower half burning hot. The heat died down and she sighed.
Panting he leaned over and whispered, “I’m sorry Sarah.”
For what she wondered. It was amazing even if it was a demon, but then she understood. First she lost all motor control as her body still rattled and shook with aftershocks of pleasure. Two loads was too much. Luke had plied her with his saliva slowly and that alone had an incredibly strong affect on her. Her last thought was of her grandmother. She would be so disappointed thinking Sarah overdosed. Then her heart stopped.
He was terrible at being an incubus, Luke thought as he sloughed off the rest of his human costume he had made of the remains of Dr. Weston. He fell in love with all of them. He would at least do the sweet Sarah one last favor. He felt her last thought knowing she didn’t want her grandmother thinking she committed suicide. So Luke did what he thought he owed her and began consuming her dead body.



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  1. Creepy ending. I’m a huge horror movie fan I had a lot fun reading this one.


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