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A Scary Story in 3 Sentences

It’s Halloween and the techno-beat shocks him with electric excitement. Tonight, the club above him would fill to capacity with revelers in all their garishly-garbed glory. For him, costumes were but unnecessary garnish on his dance floor buffet.


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The House on Cottonwood Lane: Elm Street Meets 50 Shades (Rated R)


      Cottonwood Lane was a ritzy neighborhood to be sure. Sarah felt out of place as soon as she turned the corner where Cottonwood met Elm.

She had to remember she was a professional; just because these people’s cars cost more than her entire apartment building didn’t mean she was unworthy. Still she felt she was sullying the area just driving her tiny, Toyota pickup down the mighty Cottonwood. She was sure the only pickups that came this way were loaded with yard equipment.

Sarah worked for Englund Real Estate Agency, but this wasn’t her case. Jackson Whitlock was the original agent assigned to the Weston house. Unfortunately, Jackson had caught a severe case of the husband-came-home-early-itis; a disease that left him in traction.
Jackson was a good agent but also a complete dumbass. His personal motto was “I’ll sell your house and fuck your wife, not necessarily in that order,” Badum-ching.

Sarah looked at the numbers on the houses. She thought calling them houses was like calling the Titanic, just a boat with a tiny leak. The Weston house was 603 Cottonwood Lane. She looked at the clock on the dashboard.
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