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That Time of Year


Hello everyone. Like the post title says, it’s that time of year again. It’s a strange time for me. I love autumn; by far my favorite season. Halloween is and always has been my favorite holiday. Unfortunately I suffer from terrible bouts of seasonal depression. I know there are many out there who get the same way. Whether it be the changing temperatures or the way stores try cramming Christmas down our throats, it gets rough. I try to stay busy with Halloween themed projects which is the point of this blog today. I’m going to try to get some spooky, silly fun stuff on here as much as I can. I don’t know exactly what but I do have a creepy poem I’ll be posting later. So hopefully that will be fun for readers and help keep my mind off the inevitable low moods I can never seem to completely escape.

Quick update on my work in progress. I am deep into the second draft and right now all seems to being moving smoothly forward. My opinion of that can change rather quickly but for now it’s full-steam ahead. I have four very solid chapters finished and am really enjoying the flow of the story. Here’s hoping I remain on this path. Even though it scares me to think about, I believe readers will enjoy this once it’s complete. At this point I’m extremely happy with the progress I’m making, which is a small but satisfying victory in my imaginary book of wins and losses.

For those giving their time to read my rambling, I thank you. Let’s all try to stay strong in the face of the Holiday machine already beginning to gain momentum. It will tear through us like it always does in the guise of pretty songs and rosy cheeks, Hell-bent on destroying us before March can lion or lamb its way in. And we’ll hold on, knowing no matter how rough it gets that jolly juggernaut will not last forever. It will run out of gas, we just have to do what we can to keep our tanks full, or at least a little above that red line that makes the “you need gas” light come on.(Which my dad used to say was just precautionary and you could go quiet awhile before you actually needed gas. And I’d be thinking, no, dad, we need gas or we’re walking. He was a far braver man than I.)

Thanks everybody,


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