Fake News with Lois Lane by PJ Carambia

“So, you’re sure about this?”
“Jimmy, seriously, this guy doesn’t faze me in the least.” Lois Lane slid her finger across her Q-Pad, reading her notes as the duo waited on the President.
“Oh, no, I get that. I mean are you gonna be able to keep your cool.”
“When have I ever lost my cool?”
“Ha.” Lois glared at the young man with braying laugh.
“Sorry?” Jimmy held his hands up in submission, camera dangling around his neck. Jimmy knew if Lois possessed his pal, Superman’s heat vision, he’d be a goner.
“Anyway, I’ve interviewed Lex a million times; how much different could this be?”
“Well first, Lex Luthor’s a genius, this guy, not so much.” Jimmy ran his hand through his short red hair. “I have a bad feeling he’s going to regret requesting this interview and we’re all gonna hear about.”
“Can’t live in fear, Jimmy.” Lois tapped the young photographer’s cheek. “Especially of guys like this.” Continue reading

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No Do-Overs

No way of getting a bullet back in a gun once the trigger’s pulled. Ben knew that. The bang and flash were final; no do-overs.
Kyle stepped back and crumpled to the tile like an old blanket. Ben’s brother died on the sticky, filth-caked floor of a gas station. Ben held him until the police arrived, watching his blood mix with the soupy mess of tracked-in mud and melting snow. Continue reading

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Welcome to Trumpland

Attention Women of the United States of America:  Do you like being barefoot and pregnant? Do you think the kitchen is the place for you?  Do you feel if you must have a job your work’s not worth the same as the man next to you doing the exact same job?  Do you like nasty old men grabbing your genitals and then having those same nasty old men making decisions on your reproductive health?  Are you tired of all this election crap and are happy this might be the last year you get to vote?  Continue reading

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Monster Mash-up Poem


Michael Myers used a knife.

As Jack Torrance tried to kill his wife.

Norman Bates loved his mother.

The fisherman knew what you did last summer.

Pinhead brought the pain.

While Jigsaw made you play a game.

Chucky & Tiffany were dolls from Hell. Continue reading

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Impromptu Essay on Halloween

I call this an impromptu essay because I had no intention of even writing an essay this morning but this one could not be ignored. 

I just read an article about a Christian Creationist group who is Anti-Halloween.  They would have us give trick-or-treaters fake money with messages explaining all the sins they’re committing and how they’re going to burn in hell.  (BTW you can buy your Anti-Halloween kits and fake money from this group directly.  So, yeah, there’s nothing in it for them.) Continue reading

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My Thoughts on the First Debate


This Monday was my first time watching a presidential debate.  Politics has, over the years, been a topic that literally turned my stomach and made me anxious.  It still does but I believe this year’s election is a tipping point for our country.  We’ve come a long way and despite what some would have you believe the country has made several strides forward. Continue reading

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An Essay for World Suicide Prevention Day*

*abbreviated as WSPD from here on

 So today is WSPD and the internet is teeming with positive messages to promote hope. So many people battle mental health issues and almost everyone at one point and time thinks they’re all alone.

And of course it’s not true but it’s also true that no two cases are the same.  That’s why things like WSPD are great.  Awareness is never a bad thing.  Telling people on the internet they’re not alone or writing an essay to describe your experiences helps a lot of people.  Continue reading

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An Essay on Security


I really am fed up with the Hillary Clinton E-Mail scandal.  This is not a Hillary Clinton thing or necessarily politically motivated, it’s a common sense thing.

We live in a world with another reality sitting on top of it.  That might sound like alternate reality sci-fi but what I mean is that we have the real world and we have cyber space.  Every day, no matter how low tech you like to keep things, we’re all exposed and vulnerable by entering this cyber space. Continue reading

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An Essay on the Future


That title may seem more exciting than what I actually have planned.  This isn’t about Star Trek or flying cars.  It’s about an article I shared yesterday concerning children in the U.S. and the fear being pumped into them by this election season.

When some people listen to Donald Trump and his ideas on immigration and his opinions on other countries and cultures, it’s terrifying to children from those backgrounds.  Trump’s rhetoric gives the bullies of the world ammunition and justification; they’re not bullies anymore there just agreeing with a presidential candidate.  Think about that sentence.  The taunting and harassment of other students is becoming justified by the role model that blusters on their TV screens every day.

Personally, I know how difficult school can be for someone who feels like an outcast.  My health issues, my weight, my less-than-social behavior all made me feel isolated from people my own age.  I still struggle to connect with people my age, I still struggle to connect with people period.  And I was lucky.  Continue reading

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An Essay On Hate and Fear


(A Companion piece to An Essay In Belief)

There’s no bigger waste of time than hate and prejudice.  The media in their quest to report the news, or more accurately get ratings, pump out the hate-filled, violent-laden video packages for everyone to look at and say, “Wow, that’s scary.”

And to a certain extent it is.  But I often wonder how better off we’d all be if the good got as much coverage as the bad.  As humans we need to be informed of what’s going on around us but not everything is bad all the time. Continue reading

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An Essay on Belief


I’m a stalwart advocate of the separation of Church and State.  It’s an absolute no-brainer.  God has no place in government.  That’s not an opinion, it’s an established rule.  And it’s a very good one for very good reasons.  These reasons shouldn’t be up for debate but we are humans and we debate about everything.

Why should there be no debate, you ask?  What gives me the right to say that? Well it’s all there in the First Amendment. Continue reading


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My Thoughts on Romance

Over on Facebook, author Christopher Rice is celebrating the release of his new 1001 Dark Nights novella, Kiss the Flame.  He asked his followers for their thoughts on Romance.  I didn’t want to clutter up his comment section with this so I wrote it here for the few people that take a look at this blog thingy of mine.

Continue reading

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